You take control of a character called Nage, a young girl trapped in a simulation environment with floating platforms everywhere where an unknown person is testing her skills. Her goal is to get out of this simulation while the mysterious other party wants her to stay there. It's up to you to guide Nage through this cryptic puzzle.

The game consists of moving your character around the room finding keys, locks and power-ups in order to get to the next level. However, there are many enemies in the path such as weird looking bats, chameleons and ticking clocks.

Each step you make in the room, they also make a step in the room.
You'll have to figure out how to evade them or better yet use your powers, once you have them, to get rid of them.
If you bump into them or their projectiles, you'll get hurt so be careful :)

Everything was done independently.

Game Controls:
Hold Arrow Keys to Move
Z and C (or W and C) to Tilt the Camera
Q and E (or A and E) to Change the Distance of the Camera
X Key to use your Powers (when power-up collected)


Download 50 MB

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